Aadhar Biometric Update

Everyone in this world requires the confidentiality of personal information. It is the state's responsibility to implement a foolproof system that could not allow hackers to steal personal information and use it for their benefits. But one should keep one thing in mind that it is not an easy task as there remain a few loopholes which can be used for unlawful access. An expert's opinion, only biometric details are a powerful response to foolproof the system. Indian Government is using biometric details in its e aadhar download system to counter the malicious attacks on the user's personal information. Biometric means fingerprints and iris scans. By iris, we mean scan of eyes that is very helpful in differentiating one person from the other.
As discussed above, biometric details are providing the best protection against wrong use of one's personal information. In this regard, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is capitalizing on this technique to fulfill the Government's objective. UIDAI is a Government set up body established solely for the purpose of enrolling residents of India. The first time enrollment in the UIDAI database is free for every resident person and is a very simple and comfortable process.

After the introduction of biometric details in the UIDAI system, we can say that Aadhar Biometric Update is now a very easy task. Actually, all 10 fingers prints are taken against an aadhar user and saved in the database. As each person has unique biometric details, it eliminates the chances of misuse from any 3rd person. So, your personal information is secure and safe. Apart from this, UIDAI is implementing more and more steps every day to make the entire system totally foolproof. In order to defame UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), various rumors had been circulated claiming the steal of aadhar user's personal information from the UIDAI database. Later, UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) clearly denied such rumors and shows its commitment for continuous upgrade of the system to counterfeit any unlawful use of personal information.

Although UIDAI has put all its effort into protecting all your personal information, it is also your responsibility to lock your aadhar biometric details locked. Any Indian resident can lock his or her biometric details for up to 10 years. This way, no changes can be made without altering the biometric details. Apart from this, if for any reason you want to change the biometric details, you can do so by unlocking the locked profile. The need for unlocking may arise due to an accident or severe health issue that causes a change in your biometrics.

The lock process can be easily done via the UIDAI portal at https://uidai.gov.in/contact-support/have-any-question/925-faqs/aadhaar-online-services/biometric-lock-unlock.html

At this page, enter your aadhar number and security code. Now request to receive OTP (One time password) to verify the authenticity of this transaction. Once you enter OTP and hit enter, you will be able to lock your biometric on the next page. Similarly, you can unlock your biometric profile from the same process.

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