Most Popular Beauty Blogger in India

Everyone wants to look beautiful and in order to look good, you have to put your efforts by investing some amount of time & money. By the time we mean the number of hours in a day you give to keep you beautiful. On the other hand, you have to buy cosmetics and other fashion items according to your skin color and other characteristics of your personality.
Though time & money are considered to be the basic ingredients, you must have a proper understanding of the bits of fashion. Here comes the main problem as most people do not know much about fashion & beauty & look ugly even using costly jewelry, dresses, and costly cosmetic items. Like any other field, if you could take help from gurus of a particular industry, soon you will find your car on the right track. You can also make your website from

India is a large economy and market for local as well as multinational companies. So the fashion, beauty and cosmetic industry in India are one of the largest in the world. With the help of beauty bloggers & gurus, you can gain a better understanding of how to look beautiful. Here is a list of most popular beauty blogger in India:

Kritika Khurana

She is a famous celebrity in the fashion industry and holds a degree in Fashion & Design from India's leading JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Due to her passion, she frequently writes new posts on her blog. Apart from this, she is taking advantage of ecommerce website designer in mumbai to sell her products online within and outside India.

Ashna Shroff

She is definitely an inspirational lady and runs a blog with the name of "The Snob Journal". She is regarded as one of the most popular beauty bloggers in India. Her unique blog's post will help you greatly to try something new to look beautiful & dashing.

Devina Malhotra

Devina is an experienced blogger and has written for popular magazines such as Hindustan Times &Tehelka. She is a unique celebrity due to her passion for fashion, beauty blogger templates, blogging, and photography. She often writes on her blog to help thick girls in looking beautiful and pleasant as she believes beauty is not just for thin and skinny girls.

Akansha Redhu

She started her blog back in 2010 with the purpose of expressing her ideas and inspirations. Over time, it evolved significantly and attracted readership not just across from India but from the outside world as well. Now, her blog is totally geared up towards lifestyle, food, and fashion. She often makes posts of various restaurants and shares her experience with the readers to help them decide which one they should go to take dinner or lunch.

Pallavi Ruhail

She is the founder of the famous fashion blogger "That Delhi Girl". Her journey started when she shared her outfit pictures every day on Instagram. People liked these pictures and requested her to start a blog to accomplish the task as a blogger. Since then, she is blogging and every day, thousands of blogger template designers visit her blog. She started her career in the pharma & health sector but sooner she comes to know her passion for blogging. So she opted to blog as her full-time profession.